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New England Patriots Super Bowl Victory Powered by 830laser!

Missouri City, Texas – February 17, 2004

“We are pleased to announce today’s Washington Post article on low-level laser therapy (“LLLT”) entitled
“The Light Stuff” in which our company was featured,” said Michael Barbour, president of MicroLight Corporation of America. “The article can be viewed in its full length on the Washington Post website at http://www.washingtonpost.com” explained Mr. Barbour.

The Washington Post article gives a brief history of LLLT and brings the story up to date, including news of the successful use of the MicroLight ML830 by the New England Patriots prior to their recent Super Bowl victory. “A registered nurse successfully treated more than 10 Patriot players for tendon and muscle injuries, according to the article,” reported Mr. Barbour.

“I personally trained the Patriot’s registered nurse, Ellen Spicuzza, in the use of our ML830,” said Barbour, “and I was pleased to see her acknowledge the degree of success she claims and is quoted on in the article, including her success with an injury of one Patriot described as ‘a flaired-up sciatic nerve’.”

“The Washington Post reported that the ML830 was the first cold laser device to receive FDA market clearance, in 2002,” said Mr. Barbour, “and it also pointed to the General Motors study, involving use of the ML830 to prove the use of LLLT as a viable alternative to surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome,” he added.


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