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"While receiving treatment I began to experience warmth. Half way into the treatment I did feel a quick sharp pain. When treatment was complete, I felt zero pain in my heel. I had intentionally NOT taken any Tylenol throughout the day. I wanted to be in pain at the time of treatment so I could compare the way I felt."

Gloria Ortega, 56 y/o female (Heel Spur Pain)

"My elbows feel great after treatment. It was wear and tear after years of heavy, heavy competition weight lifting. My pain level went from 5/10 to a zero pain in a matter of moments!"

Phillip Johnson, 48 y/o male (Elbow Pain)

I felt no discomfort during the treatment. After the treatment, the pain disappeared which really surprised me. I'm hoping that it will not return for awhile and I'll be curious to see if long periods of sitting down do not affect the pain returning."

Judith McCarty, 63 y/o female (Right Hip Pain)

"The throbbing numbness over the back of my left hand went away after only one treatment."

Teddy Nabong, 69 y/o retired physician, (Hand pain)

"The laser treatment was very quick. At first I didn't feel much but after a few minutes, I'm surprised to say I do feel a difference."

Amber Pippin, 23 y/o female (Lower Back Pain)

"I can't believe it, the pain is gone! It's like learning to walk again. I'd recommend it to anyone."

Esther Bonillas, 80 y/o female, (Back & Knee Pain)

"My knee was hurting and aching. After treatment I had less pain. The treatment itself didn't hurt and now my knees feel more flexible and relaxed."

Justyn Suell, 15 y/o female, (Right Knee (ACL) Strain)

"Very comfortable. Feels much better. No pain."

Charles Cha, 62 y/o male, (Low back and shoulder Pain)


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