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How Does Leasing Work?

Benefits of leasing:  Pay a low monthly rate ($69-$99) and the interest expense as well as the cost of the laser* is tax deductible.  *Up to $100K.

After you submit the "Lease Application" you should expect a response of approval/terms/rejection within 1-2 business days from the leasing company we work with.  If for any reason you don't get a response by then please let us know by calling (800) 513-7060.  If you are not familiar with leasing, you should know the leasing company we use, their rates, are very competitive and in most cases lower than other leasing companies on the market.  They are unique in that they specialize in the healthcare industry.  Their service is second to none.

Once you accept the terms, and sign and return the documents to the leasing company they will send the appropriate funds to 830laser for the price of the laser.  **Any special discounts offered by us do apply to lease purchases as well.**

Once 830laser receives funds from the leasing company your laser will ship immediately.  Please allow 3-5 days for standard shipping delivery.

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